The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines landmark as a building or place that is easily recognized, especially one which you can use to judge where you are. The Tower Bridge is one of the best-known landmarks in London, and the video explains some details about it.

Self-study activity:

Watch the video and answer the questions below. As always, key at the bottom!
1  What is the task or challenge John has to do?
2  How long does he have to prepare for that?
3  How long should the presentation be?
4  Where’s Tower Bridge?
5  When was it completed?
6  Can you eat there?
7  What films have been made there?
8  What is John’s uncle Tony’s job?
9  How did the bridge get its name?
10  How many builders worked?
11  How long did it take to build?
12  When was it opened?
13  How much did it cost?
14 Do the two arms of the bridge lift up?
15  How often do the two arms open?
16  How many people cross it every day?
17  What happened 60 years ago?
18  How much did the girls pay to John ?


1 To give a presentation on Tower Bridge to some tourists
2 One hour
3 One minute
4 Next to the Tower of London
5 1894
6 Yes, it has a restaurant
7 Sherlock Holmes, The Mommy returns, Spice World
8 A London Tower guide
9 From the Tower of London, on the other side of the river
10 432
11 8 years
12 30th June 1894
13 £1,184,000
14 Yes, to allow boats past underneath it
15 Over 400 times every year
16 40,000 people
17 The bridge was opening while a bus was still going along the bridge and it had to leap the final three meters
18 Nothing the presentation was free

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