Oxford University Press is about to publish the third edition of the English File series. One of the key elements of the series is the video material, where learners come across practical language in everyday situations.

In the video clip you can see below Rob and Jenny meet in the street. He’s from London, and Jenny is from New York.

Self-study activity:

Watch the video clip and answer the questions below. Answers at the bottom!

1 When’s Rob’s interview?
2 What time is Jenny’s meeting with Daniel?
3 What size does Rob need?
4 How much is the shirt?
5 What are the people in Jenny’s office like?
6 Where is Jenny while she’s talking on the phone?
7 Is Rob Jenny’s boyfriend?

You can read the transcript here.

1 In twenty minutes
2 at half past nine
3 medium
4 forty-four pounds ninety-nine
5 nice and polite
6 outside a men’s clothing store (American English for “shop”)
7 No

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